"Endless Blue" gets an 8.1 of 10 from Strutter'Zine

Strutter'zine gives Endless Blue an 8.1 out of 10!  Excerpt:
"Musically this is slightly different (from Gölden Palace), as the rock and roll and powerpop is nowhere to be found here. Instead we get to hear a mixture of AOR/Melodic Rock and 80s Gothic Rock, with a sorta English 80s new wave touch in the vocal department and touching a neo-progressive rock field here and there as well. The sound of the album is high quality and the performance and included 6 songs are a pleasure to listen to, with Joseph taking care of most instruments, while Julian Angel is playing guitar here. The Mission, Billy Idol and Bystander combined could be a good description here, especially during the catchy uptempo AOR/Melodic Rockers "Endless Blue" and "Misery". Songs like "Himitsu, Village of the Sea" and "Serenity" are much calmer and follow a more neo-proggy direction, with even some ambient and new wave influences."
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