Vitne in Latest Issue #24 of Rocknation

Vitne is in the latest issue of ROCKNATION featuring an exclusive interview, as well as a sample of his music on the CD sampler.  The latest issue is Rocknation #24.

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Golden Palace's Self-Titled Album Gets a 7.5/10 Rating from 100% Rock

Vitne's USA-based punk band's recently released self-titled album picked up a 7.5/10 rating from 100% Rock Magazine:
"Cruisin’, A Lone Cactus in Missouri, Free, Bleed Me Dry, Royal Nights and the Kimbrell-sung I’m Ready For My 40 show a great, well-rounded overview of Golden Palace’s sound, and provide plenty of good time rock n’ roll moments to touch you there."  (Review on 100% Rock)
Golden Palace was highly active from 2004-2009 with Vitne on guitar, and often as co-songwriter.  GP developed a die-hard and loyal following around South Carolina, recording 3 albums:  A Little Rock N' Roll, Touch Me There, and Golden Palace.  The latter two albums never saw a real release until 2015 and 2017 respectively, save for an unmixed underground release amongst friends and fans. In 2015, the band reunited after not performing for nearly 6 years to a sold-out crowd in their hometown, celebrating the release of Touch Me There as well as a remastered version of their 2005 album A Little Rock N' Roll.  The self-titled album Golden Palace released in February of 2017 containing fan favorite songs that had been recorded and thought to be lost, never mixed or mastered until late 2016.

This new album showcases the band with modern mixing and mastering, providing an interesting look at their music since the songs were recorded in 2008-2009, yet not mixed until 2016.  The song "I'm Ready for My 40" features Vitne on vocals on a rare 2006-recorded track filled with the light-hearted style of humor that GP embraced.

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JUPITER Receives 4/5 Stars from Finnish Heavy Metal Fans (Video Review)

Jupiter just picked up a 4/5 star rating from FHMF (Finnish Heavy Metal Fans) in a great and descriptive video review.  Watch it above in the embedded video.