JUPITER Receives 4/5 Stars from Finnish Heavy Metal Fans (Video Review)

Jupiter just picked up a 4/5 star rating from FHMF (Finnish Heavy Metal Fans) in a great and descriptive video review.  Watch it above in the embedded video.

Vitne Featured on Cyberhound's new EP "Disconnections"

Vitne's song "Say Goodbye" is featured on Cyberhound's newest EP entitled Disconnections.

Cyberhound is an artist "making music for the furry fandom" and has been releasing music regularly the past few years.  Say hello to Cyberhound on Fur Affinity and grab the Disconnections EP on Bandcamp.

Vitne Music featured in Kickstarter for KNYC - Kings of New York City

Vitne's music recently has been used in a video for a Kickstarter campaign for Kings of New York City.  Check out Kings of New York City on Kickstarter