Updated August 2019

Latest Release:
“ARIA” (Album) - August 15, 2019



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  • ROCK NATION Issue 24 (Interview + CD sampler)

  • Jamsphere Magazine (July 2017)

  • Black Velvet Magazine

  • Bunker Magazine - Russia (Interview, 2015)

  • Powerplay Magazine

  • AOR Magazine

  • Fireworks Magazine

  • InRock - Russia

  • Rock Brigade - Brazil

  • Rock Hard - Germany

  • HeadBang! - Turkey


  • Drums Hero (video game) - 2017

  • Sandnes Sparebank commercial (Norway) - 2017

  • Women’s Pro Bowling Clearwater Open - 2016



  • CC Music Awards 2018 - Nominee (“Best Rock Album” for Jupiter)

  • Indie Music Channel Awards 2017 - Winner ("Best Rock Song" for Make Believe)

  • Indie Music Channel Awards 2017 - Nominated Twice ("Best Rock Song" and "Best Rock Artist" for Make Believe)

  • IMEA Awards 2016 - Nominated Twice (“Rock Song of the Year” and “Rock Artist of the Year” for Masquerade)

  • Akademia Awards 2015 - Winner of “Best Rock EP” and Executive Top Pick for Endless Blue

  • Akademia Awards 2013 - Winner 2x of “Best Rock Video” for Not Far From Shallow Water and Destroyer

Notable Features & ACHIEVEMENTS

  • Inclusion on Andrew W.K. tribute album When In Doubt, Wolf It Out: Volume 4 - (Song: “Vanquish the Night” - May 2019)

  • Jamendo - 1 million streams (April 10, 2019)

  • ReverbNation - Front page feature (April 2019)

  • PeerTracks - Featured on front page (2019)

  • PeerTracks - One of the first metal artists to join the platform (2018)

  • Tribe of Noise - Front page “Artist in the Spotlight” (2018)

  • Lynne Gong - VITNE featured vocalist on song “Dream On” from album 10 Dimensions (2018)

  • Jamendo - Front-page audio feature for song: “Make Believe” (2017)

  • SOHO (China) - Front page feature/write-up (2017)

  • Newgrounds - Front-page audio feature for song: “Cruisin’” (2017)



“‘Aria’ is a dream to listen to…” - The Metal Observer (Review of “Aria”)

“Beautifully strange stuff from Norway…” - Sentinel Daily (Review of “Aria”)

“This is a fantastic, flawless album which is also, so far, my favorite rock record for 2019.” - Jamsphere (Review of “Aria”)

“Incredibly catchy and uplifting…” - Decibel Geek (Review of “Aria”)

“It’s the type of song that is catchy, heavy and has that instant-classic status.” - Artist Reach (Review of “Vanquish the Night”)

"'Jupiter' is confident, cruising and something a little different, even in the world of bands like X Japan." - Fireworks Magazine (Review of "Jupiter")

"Sheer brilliance." - Black Velvet Magazine (Review of "Jupiter")

“Vitne’s ability to craft a tremendously catchy hook is blatantly evident throughout Jupiter.” - FrostClick (Review of “Jupiter”)

"With so many dips and peaks, the replay value is enormous, and Vitne’s penchant for melancholic-yet-victorious melodies (such as the glorious title-track) will have you returning to Jupiter again and again." - Metal Observer (Review of "Jupiter")

"Vitne is multi-talented musician with a voice of an angel that could white or black, and his songwriting abilities are a prospect for a bright future. I recommend giving this album a chance and you won’t be sorry." - Metal-Temple (Review of "Jupiter")

"'Jupiter' is an album that includes all the inspiration, love, heart and attitude of an artist such as Vitne is and it proves that this musician is a shining star in this scene." - Heavy Paradise (Review of "Jupiter")

"Kimbrell (Vitne) expertly balances the dark overtones of his songwriting wth irresistible hooks and fascinating, soul searching lyrics." 100% Rock (Review of "Jupiter")

“Think of Vitne and Angel‘s relationship as a modern day incarnation of Billy Idol and Steve Stevens. Yes, I know — killer, to say the least.” - SleazeRoxx (Review of “Neon”)

“Neon succeeds because Vitne has the balls to bring all his influences to the table – it’s not just denim & leather headbanging, though that’s a strong element here, and it works so very well.” - 100% Rock (Review of “Neon”)

“While the title for greatest glam album in the past for many, went to The Crue’s Shout at the Devil, or Poison’s Look What The Cat Dragged In, today Neon is actually just as good.” - Jamsphere (Review of “Neon”)

“These later, more mature years in life and renewed-perspective on music seem to really be paying off for Vitne, he’s done an excellent job on Endless Blue.” - Sleepingbag Studios (Review of “Endless Blue”)

“For those who aren’t familiar with Vitne’s sound, please, do a favor to yourself and check out this one.” - Heavy Paradise (Review of “Endless Blue”)

“…it is a good choice if you would like to calm down, forget about all your troubles and enjoy listening to a high quality blend of hard, acoustic rock and relaxing music.” - EGHTS (Review of “Endless Blue”)

“I am certainly a fan of where Vitne has been and I am very much looking ahead with anticipation as to where he will take me on the journey that I can only assume from what he has created thus far will be worth the investment, both monetarily and emotionally.” - SleazeRoxx (Review of “Video Collection 2009-2015”)