From the Blog: Music Streaming Services Compared - Fan and Artist Perspectives

Vitne updated his blog recently with a post comparing all the different music streaming services he has tested. He compares them with two different perspectives: One as a music fan, another as an artist.

Here's a list of the services he reviews:

1.  Napster (aka. Rhapsody in the US)
2.  Apple Music
3.  Groove Music (Microsoft)
4.  Deezer
5.  Yandex Music
6.  Google Play Music
7.  Spotify
8.  Soundcloud
9.  YouTube

Groove and Spotify take the winning positions. To read the whole blog post, read it on Vitne's Livejournal

"Endless Blue" gets an 8.1 of 10 from Strutter'Zine

Strutter'zine gives Endless Blue an 8.1 out of 10!  Excerpt:
"Musically this is slightly different (from Gölden Palace), as the rock and roll and powerpop is nowhere to be found here. Instead we get to hear a mixture of AOR/Melodic Rock and 80s Gothic Rock, with a sorta English 80s new wave touch in the vocal department and touching a neo-progressive rock field here and there as well. The sound of the album is high quality and the performance and included 6 songs are a pleasure to listen to, with Joseph taking care of most instruments, while Julian Angel is playing guitar here. The Mission, Billy Idol and Bystander combined could be a good description here, especially during the catchy uptempo AOR/Melodic Rockers "Endless Blue" and "Misery". Songs like "Himitsu, Village of the Sea" and "Serenity" are much calmer and follow a more neo-proggy direction, with even some ambient and new wave influences."
Read the full review on Strutter'zine

Vitne Makes Cameo Appearance in Russian Music Video

Today the Russian electronic group MANIPULATOR debuted their new single, which translated into English is "My Friend the Telephone."  Vitne has a small cameo appearance in the beginning and end of the video.

From Vitne:

"It was a fun experience filming this, and especially cool to collaborate with an artist in Russia."

View the video at:

Visit Manipulator's website