I’m an independent songwriter and producer from Norway. I produce mostly melodic rock music mixed with symphonic, folk, Celtic, Japanese, punk and heavy metal elements in my home studio. I aim for an epic and uplifting feel to my songs, and I strive to compose heart-felt songs which bring joy and reinforce a feeling of gratitude and presence. By definition of the genre, my music would best be called Glam Metal, but it often doesn’t fit people’s general perception of that style. Consider it a combination of glam metal, symphonic metal, pop punk and folk. As a huge fan of Japanese-style RPG games, I have been influenced heavily by those stories and soundtracks, an influence which has only been growing in my own music.


Q: Can I use your music for free?
A: See the licensing and sync section

Q: Are you open to collaboration/singing/performing on my song?
A: It depends. I am extremely busy, but if I am moved by your song/project and you are willing to be patient, we can work something out.

Q: Can I buy your music on vinyl?
A: Everything you see I have paid for out of my own pocket. I am no record label nor do I have a label. I have no plans to press any vinyl because the demand simply isn’t there. The overhead costs for pressing vinyl are substantial, and I would prefer to focus my money and resources on the most popular formats and making more music. Things can always change, however.

Q: What about CDs?
A: For the same reasons above, I do not order hundreds of copies of CDs. I have released CDs in the past, but due to dwindling sales and interest in CDs, I now make my albums available on-demand through Kunaki. They are technically CDRs, but they are professionally pressed and shrink wrapped with artwork in jewel cases and just look great.

Q: Are you available for live concerts?
A: Not at this time. My life and schedule currently doesn’t allow me much free time, but I would love to perform live and even tour in the future.

Q: Do you play your instruments?
A: Yes, all instruments mentioned in the credits are performed by me or by the musician credited. I was trained on flute and self-taught in guitar, bass and piano. Any other instrument you hear is probably a software instrument unless specifically mentioned in the credits.

Q: What is your recording setup & what instruments do you use?
A: My primary DAW is Pro Tools since I was trained on that. I use an Apogee interface for recording, API 512c preamp, Oktava & Nevaton microphones, Gibson Les Paul and Jackson Dinky electric guitars, Seagull acoustic, Ayers mini acoustic, a pretty general Epiphone bass, Jupiter flute, Casio digital piano for software instruments/piano, and currently Kontakt 5 and some included Xpand!2 software instruments in Pro Tools.

Q: Do you have any recommendations for someone just starting out with recording?
A: Just do it! The best way to learn is to just jump in and mess around, watch some videos, ask some people and just try things. As for gear recommendations, Pro Tools is great but if you want something more affordable, look at Reaper or even Ardour. Apogee and RME interfaces are fantastic, but pretty much anything will give you a decent starting point (you must have an interface to record guitars, etc.) For software instruments, I’d go with East/West Creative Cloud.

“Traditional” Biography


VITNE is a heavy metal and hard rock songwriter from Son, Norway. His music draws inspiration from various genres including power metal, 80s-era glam, folk, classical and traditional Japanese and Chinese music. Predominately a glam metal artist, he later gravitated to a more symphonic and folk-inspired sound.

Origin: Son, Norway (2013)
Genres: Symphonic Metal, Glam Metal, Melodic Hard Rock, Folk
Style: “Zen Metal”


Within the melodic metal landscape, Norway's VITNE (meaning "witness" in Norwegian) stands out as a different voice in a sea of modern similarity with an air of minimalism uncommon within the genre. VITNE’s polarized approach is accentuated by his chilly Nordic undertones, Japanese and Celtic influences and naturally baritone voice, having been described as “Billy Idol meets X Japan.”  The introspective, triumphant feel to the music, as well as his tendency to move from heavy, power metal-esque songs into tranquil, ambient pieces has led to VITNE's style being endearingly named "Zen Metal" by fans.

Fireworks Magazine described his sound as "a sort of laid-back, toned-down power metal style," with an "operatic-style about the singing in the way he soars cleanly above the music."  Metal-Temple noted that VITNE's music has a "chilly and vibrant Gothic experience" and described him as a "multi-talented musician with a voice of an angel." 

As an avid fan of RPG video games like Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy, over time VITNE’s music has taken on an epic, almost soundtrack-like feel. In particular, the influence of game composers Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu have played a major role in the development his sound. As a result of this as well as influence from artists like X Japan, Gackt, Mötley Crüe and Stratovarius, VITNE’s music generally hovers stylistically between that of 80s-era glam metal and symphonic power metal, albeit less speed-focused than typical power metal.

VITNE has been nominated for various awards including the IMEA Awards and CC Music Awards (Creative Commons) and has won an Indie Music Channel award in 2017 for “Best Rock Song” for Make Believe. His songs have been featured in video games like Drums Hero as well as commercials and film. On April 10th, 2019, VITNE reached 1 million streams on the Jamendo music platform.

With an inspirational, empowering quality to his songs, VITNE’s music has touched fans around the globe and been featured in publications from Brazil and Chile to Russia, China and Japan. 

VITNE’s newest full-length album ARIA released August 15th, 2019 and is now available worldwide.


From Norway with love

Sheer brilliance.
— Black Velvet Magazine