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New album - August 15, 2019

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New Full-Length Album

August 15th, 2019


Made in Norway


Uplifting, flute-infused symphonic "Zen Metal" recorded at a little house in the snowy countryside of Norway.


Embark on a journey through time and space, far away to another world. Much like Norway itself, VITNE’s music navigates a rich musical terrain from deep valleys to glorious peaks, embracing the cold darkness while reaching out for the warmth of the light.

Described by fans as “Billy Idol meets X Japan” and a crossover between symphonic metal and 80s hard rock, VITNE’s highly introspective music has earned the nickname “Zen Metal” due to its focus on feeling, thought and atmosphere.

With influences ranging from 80s-era glam metal and power metal to folk and classical RPG-soundtracks, VITNE’s music is truly “…a little different, even in the world of bands like X Japan,” (Fireworks Magazine)


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