Blood Type: O Negative
Birth Date: January 17
Japanese: ヴィトネ


Vitne is an American solo musician living in Norway.  His musical style is generally considered Melodic Rock and tends to have 80s hard rock and Japanese rock elements woven throughout, heightened by his performance of the flute on many songs.​

Primary Influences:  Gackt, Winger, X Japan, Billy Idol, Motley Crue, Crumb


Vitne is an American solo musician located in Norway, playing a type of 80s-influenced Melodic Rock with a progressive, slightly punk/gothic lean. Weaving together elements of glam metal, Japanese rock, punk and even RPG soundtrack music, Vitne creates a personal style of hard rock complemented by the addition of flute on many of his songs.

During his time as a singer in the underground Norwegian sleaze rock scene, Vitne met hair-metal guitarist Julian Angel of Beautiful Beast, leading to their on-going collaboration. The combination of Julian’s first-class guitar solos and Vitne’s punkish vocals has led to their camaraderie being likened to that of Billy Idol and Steve Stevens.

Born Joseph Kimbrell in Charleston, SC USA, he began playing in underground punk rock bands at the age of 15, eventually co-founding Golden Palace in 2004. With Golden Palace, Joseph honed his guitar playing, began songwriting, and upon relocating to Norway in 2010, he polished his vocal skills as a singer in the glam-metal scene of Oslo. In 2013 Joseph adopted the name Vitne (meaning “witness” in the Norwegian language), starting his solo career after his band activities were put on hold.

Vitne’s 2013 debut album Neon gained him critical acclaim from music critics, with SleazeRoxx saying “Think of Vitne and Julian Angel’s relationship like a modern-day incarnation of Billy Idol and Steve Stevens….” His follow-up EP Endless Blue continued that legacy with fans calling it a “little EP with a lot of heart,” as well as music critics proclaiming “His vocals are intoxicating and the music is like a drug…” (VENTS Magazine) and “…thank you for those few moments in your company which reminded me that sometimes the world is a fabulous place” (Metal-Impact). His 2016 single “Masquerade” went on to earn him two nominations by the IMEA Awards for “Rock Artist of the Year” and “Rock Song of the Year.”

“I want my music to have a soul, to have feeling and atmosphere. A personal quality I suppose you could say.”

A multi-instrumentalist, Vitne sings and plays guitar, bass, flute and some piano. His flute work reminds the listener of his love for Jethro Tull most notably heard in his latest works post-Neon. Vitne casually pursues an acting career as well, having been an actor in multiple music videos, an extra in the Hollywood feature film Dear John, as well as an actor in multiple episodes of the Norwegian TV series Hotel Cæsar. He speaks both English and Norwegian and is currently learning other languages.

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Vitne (Albums and EPs)

- Endless Blue (2015)
- Neon (2013)
- Not Far From Shallow Water (2013)

Vitne (Singles)

- Make Believe (2017)
- Lion (2016)
- Masquerade (2016)
- Lost and Found (2015)
- Misery (2015)
- Winter Love Song (2014)
- Wide Awake (2014)
- To The Sky (2014)
- Not Far From Shallow Water (2014)
- Nasty Habit (2014)
- Silhouette (2013)
- Destroyer (2013)


- Rock Me - Single (2012)
- Untamed Heart of Rock N' Roll - Single (2012)

Beautiful Beast

- California Suntan (2012) - Extra backing vocals - Credited as Rock Hart


Gölden Palace

- Gölden Palace - Album (2017)
- Touch Me There - EP (2015)
- A Little Rock N' Roll - 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition - Album (2015)
- Touch Me There - EP (2009 - Underground Unmixed Release)
- A Little Rock N' Roll - Album (2005)


- 3 Songs - promotional-use only (2004)

5th March

- Under the Knife - Album (2003)
- 5th March - demos collection (2002)


As Artist

- Vitne - Endless Blue (2015)
- Vitne - Rest in Peace (2014)
- Vitne - Nasty Habit (2014)
- Vitne - Silhouette (2013)
- Vitne - Destroyer (2013)
- Vitne - Rock Me (2013)
- Vitne - Not Far From Shallow Water (2013)
- HART - Goin' Down (2012)
- HART - Untamed Heart of Rock N' Roll (2012)
- SEKS - Charlemagne (2011)


- Манипулятор - мой друг телефон - music video (2015)
- Hotel Cæsar - 3 Episodes - Norwegian TV series (2012-current)
- Insurance Commercial in L.A. (2009)
- Dear John - Hollywood Feature Film (2009)
- SEKS - The Music Industry's Favorite Trainwreck (2009)
- Alex Goss - Still Here - music video (2008)
- Leah - Calm Down - music video (2008)


- Julian Angel - Reach (2016)