Blood Type: O Negative
Birth Date: January 17
Japanese: ヴィトネ


Vitne is an American musician based in Norway. His music, often uniquely infused with flute, has been called Melodic Rock, Gothic Rock and even Glam Metal, and has been noted for it's Japanese Rock/Visual Kei influence. Teamed with Julian Angel on lead guitar, the two together have been likened to a modern version of Billy Idol and Steve Stevens.

Rock / Melodic Hard Rock

Alternative Rock, Glam, Hair Metal, Punk, Indie, Gothic, Progressive

Gackt, Winger, X Japan, Billy Idol, Motley Crue, Kip Winger (solo), Crumb

June 20th, 2017 - 2nd Full-Length Album "JUPITER"
January 17th, 2017 - 12th Single "MAKE BELIEVE"
October 1st, 2016 - 11th Single "LION"


Jupiter, the new album from Vitne, marks the beginning of a new chapter for the American/Norwegian artist. This musically intense soul-searching album is a large departure from his glam metal beginnings in Norway, featuring more flute, heavier writing and far more in-depth lyrical content.

"Jupiter is heavier than my previous albums, both literally and figuratively," says Vitne.  "It's a very personal album, touching on subjects that many experience throughout life such as feelings of detachment."

Vitne's Jupiter showcases his passion for making music that is important to him, regardless of the direction it takes him. While it was evident his previous album Neon was heavily based in glam-metal territory, Jupiter is slightly more difficult to pin down. It is clear, however, that his love for Japanese rock has greatly influenced his work.

"I feel Japanese artists like X Japan and GACKT have really moved me," says Vitne. "Their use of classical instruments adds a beauty to even the heaviest of songs. As a flutist I was intrigued, and that ultimately inspired me to experiment more with flute and piano in my own music."

Vitne, born Joseph Kimbrell in Charleston, SC USA, began playing in punk rock bands at the age of 15, eventually co-founding the band Golden Palace in 2004. With Golden Palace, he honed his guitar playing, began songwriting and upon relocating to Norway in 2010, he polished his vocal skills as a singer in the underground sleaze rock scene of Oslo. During this time he met Julian Angel of the hair metal band Beautiful Beast and the two have been working closely ever since. In 2013 Kimbrell adopted the name Vitne (meaning “witness” in the Norwegian language), starting his solo career after his band activities were put on hold.

Vitne’s 2013 debut album Neon gained him acclaim from music publications worldwide, with SleazeRoxx saying “Think of Vitne and Julian Angel’s relationship like a modern-day incarnation of Billy Idol and Steve Stevens….” His follow-up EP Endless Blue continued that legacy with fans calling it a “little EP with a lot of heart,” as well as reviewers proclaiming “His vocals are intoxicating and the music is like a drug…” (VENTS Magazine) and “…thank you for those few moments in your company which reminded me that sometimes the world is a fabulous place” (Metal-Impact). His singles "Masquerade" and "Make Believe" have recently earned him award nominations by the IMEA Awards in 2016 and the Indie Music Channel in 2017.

“I want my music to have a soul, to have feeling and atmosphere. A personal quality I suppose you could say. I think Jupiter is the best representation of what I mean by that so far." - Vitne

Vitne's Jupiter will release June 20th, 2017.


"'Jupiter' is an album that includes all the inspiration, love, heart and attitude of an artist such as Vitne is and it proves that this musician is a shining star in this scene." - Heavy Paradise (Review of "Jupiter")

"Kimbrell (Vitne) expertly balances the dark overtones of his songwriting wth irresistible hooks and fascinating, soul searching lyrics." 100% Rock (Review of "Jupiter")

“While the title for greatest glam album in the past for many, went to The Crue’s Shout at the Devil, or Poison’s Look What The Cat Dragged In, today Neon is actually just as good.” - Jamsphere (Review of "Neon")

“These later, more mature years in life and renewed-perspective on music seem to really be paying off for Vitne, he’s done an excellent job on Endless Blue.” - Sleepingbag Studios (Review of "Endless Blue")

"...he's got something special going on..." - 100% Rock (Review of "Endless Blue")

“…thank you for those few moments in your company which reminded me that sometimes the world is a fabulous place.” - Metal-Impact (Review of "Endless Blue")