Vitne Jupiter Album

Vitne's brand new album "Jupiter" is now available worldwide (mainland China release later this year).  The album has already picked up a few early reviews:

"With so many dips and peaks, the replay value is enormous, and Vitne’s penchant for melancholic-yet-victorious melodies (such as the glorious title-track) will have you returning to Jupiter again and again."  (The Metal Observer - 9/10 Rating)
"'Jupiter' is an album that includes all the inspiration, love, heart and attitude of an artist such as Vitne is and it proves that this musician is a shining star in this scene."  (Heavy Paradise - 9/10 Rating)
"(Vitne) expertly balances the dark overtones of his songwriting wth irresistible hooks and fascinating, soul searching lyrics."  (100% Rock - 8.5/10 Rating)

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